1. What are the components of any information system?
2. Describe the different types of data.
3. Identify at least six characteristics of valuable information.
4. What is a computer-based information system? What are
its components?
5. What are the most common types of computer-based
information systems used in business organizations today?
Give an example of each.
6. What is the difference between e-commerce and m-commerce?
7. Describe three applications of multimedia.
8. What is a knowledge management system? Give an example.
9. What is the technology acceptance model (TAM)? 

10. What is user satisfaction?
11. What are some general strategies employed by organizations to achieve competitive advantage?
12. Define the term productivity. Why is it difficult to measure
the impact that investments in information systems have
on productivity?
13. What is customer relationship management?
14. What is the total cost of ownership?
15. What is the role of the systems analyst? What is the role of
the programmer?
16. What is the operations component of a typical IS department?
17. What is the role of the chief information officer?